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Each of us is unique. Therefore, it is very important that before you start hormone replacement therapy, you undergo specific analyses and tests.

Hormone Replacement Therapy with Testosterone Injections

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Testosterone Injections are used for patients with natural testosterone deficiency to increase testosterone levels in the body. For this purpose doctors prescribe bio-identical testosterone injections.


Indications and medical conditions in which testosterone injections is prescribed are:

In men: replacement therapy for primary and secondary hypogonadism (delayed puberty, hypopituitarism, evnuhoidizme, post-castration syndrome, oligospermia) male menopause, impotence, male infertility (in violation of spermatogenesis), androgen deficiency, osteoporosis due to lack of androgens.

In women: breast cancer, hyperestrogenism dysfunctional bleeding, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, climacteric disorders in women (with estrogens), premenstrual syndrome, breast cancer (metastatic later), osteoporosis.

Testosterone injections are not a reason to be used for many bodybuilders and some athletes that are using testosterone injections for performance enhancement and to build muscle.




Cypionate Testosterone Injections


Depo Testosterone Injections




In medical practice for treatment of testosterone deficiency is used only testosterone injections because only injectable testosterone can increase the level of testosterone in bloodstream. Some providers offer different kind of testosterone like patches, sprays, pills or other types of testosterone supplements, but all of this remedies don’t rise the level of testosterone, you will only waste money and time if you buy other kind of testosterone supplements. In addition you can never be sure that other kind of testosterone supplements that you use is safe for your health. A lot of supplements that you can find online are not proved by FDA for usage.


NEWLIFE Doctors prescribe only testosterone injections after careful examination of our patients and only if the patient has proved testosterone deficiency. We don’t prescribe testosterone injections for bodybuilders and athletes as well as for people under the age of 30 and those who doesn't have a medical need of such a treatment.

NEWLIFE Doctors utilize only quality testosterone injections which are made in US and approved by FDA to use. We work only with licensed pharmacies within US.




Testosterone Injection Cypionate




If you feel which either symptoms of testosterone deficiency or if you older than 30 we recommend you check your level of testosterone.

NewLife doctors are specialists in endocrinology and andrology that will help you determine if you need receive a testosterone.

NewLife doctors offer you only quality testosterone that approved by FDA to use. Contact to our specialists today and learn more about testosterone. Start your New Life with us!

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In addition, testosterone is responsible for sperm production, sex drive and performance. Testosterone insufficiency in a man’s blood can lead to a reduction of muscle mass and increase the deposition of fat on the abdomen, as well as a reduced libido and erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Additionally, a deficiency of testosterone can lead to a modification of behavior and nature, such as increased emotional sensitivity and a greater susceptibility to stress.


Testosterone Injections Therapy



Testosterone Therapy


After a testosterone deficiency is detected, start correction of low levels of testosterone with testosterone injections therapy. Testosterone therapy is a replacement of insufficient levels of testosterone through injections of a bio identical hormone.

Testosterone therapy can be administered only by injections, as other forms of therapy, such as testosterone gel, pills, patches, etc., are found to be ineffective and do not increase the level of testosterone in blood.

NewLife doctors administer Testosterone therapy only after blood tests, patient examinations, and review of patients’ complete medical history. NewLife doctors care for the well-being of their patients from before testosterone therapy starts, and throughout the entire program of testosterone injections to assure that our patients are receiving the best care, most accurate information, and appropriate testosterone therapy for their unique medical histories.


Testosterone Injections


During testosterone injections therapy NewLife doctors use onlytestosterone injections because other methods that some companies offer as forms of testosterone therapy are not proven to be effective.

Testosterone injections are the only proven effective type of testosterone therapy.

NewLife doctors employ only testosterone injections made in the United States and approved by the FDA for use.

Prescription of testosterone injections is tailored to the medical needs of each patient.

NewLife doctors determine the duration and dosage of testosterone injections individually, specific to each patient, dependent upon his level testosterone in the blood, and after examination and medical history.


Buy Testosterone


When you buy testosterone injections, there are a few things you should consider. First, when you buy testosterone you should do this only after consultation with a physician and blood test of your testosterone levels.

Only buy testosterone with prescription, to avoid incorrect application and resultant side effects. Another thing you should remember is to never buy testosterone from unknown companies, or producers of testosterone injections that aren’t approved by the FDA for use.

Lastly, don’t buy testosterone in the form of pills, gel, or spray. This wastes time and money as these forms of “therapy” can’t increase the testosterone level in your blood. NewLife doctors provide complete consultations for their patients before and during testosterone therapy. NewLife doctors recommend only safe, quality medications.